Buy a Home with just 1% Down

July 16th, 2016

Introducing: Conventional 1% Down Program


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Borrowers get a low down payment, a great rate and a head start on their equity.

Our Lender is the first in the industry to offer 1% down on conventional loans with a 2% equity boost!



Program highlights include:

  • Borrowers puts down 1%, Lender contributes 2%*, giving them 3% equity at closing
  • 700+ FICO
  • Great low rates
  • Available with no monthly Mortgage Insurance

*2% lender contribution may only be applied to down payment

Conventional financing is a great option for borrowers looking to purchase with reduced down payments. Many people are unaware that their clients are eligible for these programs. 

For more information,  contact your Loan Officer @ 678-344-0006